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How to delete old kernels?

After kernel updates, old files remain in the system and take up unnecessary space. It is also thought that these old files may cause “Kernel Panic”. Each kernel takes up 350mb space in the migr...
Murat Özgün 2 ay önce

How to Fix GRUB (Boot loader)

If GRUB is not running properly or the other operating system next to PiSi Linux is not visible, all you need is a USB flash drive on which Pisi Linux is installed. Boot your computer with Live PiSi Linux migr...
Murat Özgün 3 ay önce

Correcting the clock in XFCE environment

If your PC's clock is wrong, you may correct it easily in Pisi GNU/Linux. If you use XFCE environment, you will have to use terminal to correct your clock. - Launch the terminal. - Enter this command: migr...
Murat Özgün 4 ay önce

Having New XFCE Themes

CHANGING THE THEME If you don’t like the XFCE theme you install in Pisi GNU/Linux, you have many great theme choices = HERE = First, download the theme you would like to have.       migr...
Murat Özgün 4 ay önce

Kronymous Internet Access via Tor Network

  Kronymous is a Chrome application that creates a system-wide tor socks proxy that provides access to the Tor network. See details = HERE = The application comes with Google Chrome. Therefore, you migr...
Murat Özgün 4 ay önce

How to install GNOME Desktop on Pisi Linux?

How to install GNOME Desktop on Pisi Linux? Launch the the terminal and update the Pisi Linux Repositories sudo pisi ur Update the Pisi packages sudo pisi up Reboot Pisi Linux sudo reboot After reboot migr...
Murat Özgün 4 ay önce

How to Install Fonts to Pisi GNU/Linux?

You may need to use different type faces while using text editors, graphic design applications and video editors such as Libre Office, GIMP, Krita, Scribus, DaVinci Resolve, Kdenlive, Shotcut, Blender, migr...
Murat Özgün 4 ay önce