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AzPainter: Full color painting software for Linux for illustration drawing. Test bug fix.

16-04-2020 14:04 #1

Bug reports:


Azel pushed bug fix for AzPainter and AzPainterB:


I offer everyone xfce4( with xfwm4-4.14.0 or newset ), mate, i3wm users to testing these wonderful programs and send the results to the issue link.


Compiled packages with bug fix be found here. Or youself build from here.


Regards and thanks!


22-04-2020 07:51 #2

Have been uploaded builds( version frozed 2.1.6-2 and 1.1.2-2 ) with new commits: fixed window focus.

26-04-2020 16:32 #3

New azpainter 2.1.6 and azpainterb 1.1.2 added to Pisi Linux repository.