Pisi GNU/Linux Minimal 2.2.1

After a long work, Pisi GNU/Linux 2.2.1 Minimal iso is here.

There is no desktop in this version, if desired, you can install the desktops in our repository.

In this version, there is no desktop, it will be simple for installation, you can install it and install the desktop you want, or it can be used as a server by installing the necessary servers.


MD5SUM : 164f17b53e5a8f1f12193e1726549788
SHA1SUM: 305037aed77f4965034b1b09d88a31f50781712d

Pisi GNU/Linux 2.2 Beta Crocus Ancyrensis ( Ankara Cigdem )

After a long study Pisi is here with GNU / Linux 2.2 Beta.

You can start the live iso by clicking the Start > yali link, it will ask for a password when Yali starts and the password is live.

We would like to thank Mustafa Orhon for the background photo.


MD5SUM : 5612f0e6559c88dd34788603f4f18e3c
SHA1SUM: 89a5988d926398412b3c6b1514facaf6e12f2447