Welcome To Pisi Linux!

Pisi Linux, developed by the free software community, with a focus on end-users of GNU / Linux distribution.

Latest Technology Uses.

It will contain the latest stable version of the available packages. Use Turkish as complete and accurate. By spelling and vocabulary controls your right, it allows you to use a smooth and beautiful Turkish.

Quick And Easy To Install.

Set in a very fast computer setup process, you will not lose time, and you can easily setup through a graphical display. After installation, office software, Internet browser, such as chat programs all necessary programs will be installed

It Is Free.

It is free and is open source. as you want to, you can access and code changes you want. The virus is not a problem. There's no need to check the files you download from the Internet.

Pisi Linux Features

Pisi Linux is like ones of yours family with fast and stable structure and user-friendly. Loved you use it, and not give up is the only distribution that supports real-Turkish languages.


Pisi Linux welcomes you with a wide range of applications after installing. One of hundreds of packages in the store will surely see your work. There is also easily recognize your hardware.

Turkish Shepherd

Pisi Linux shows intense efforts to support fully our native language. the packages in the repositories of utmost importance to Turkish support. He carries out the translation work for packets that do not support Turkish.


You can customize your computer with an unlimited number of combinations which exceed the limits of your mind thanks Pisilinux CAPTAIN with KDE. You imagine, CAPTAIN do.

It Is Easy

Pisi Linux use, never as easy as you ummadag! Do not settle with being offered to you, as you can imagine, develop, use easily!

Fast And Easy Installation

It can make the installation as quickly as never before. After installation, the driver does not deal with set up, you can enjoy your time on your computer.

Gateway Stops Viruses

Have you deal with viruses in trouble? Pisi Linux, the power it gets from the lower supposed to do, never let it get Pisi Linux viruses in your system.

Pisi Linux Blog

We add our blog for you and we hope our article will be useful ...

About Us

Pisi Linux, pisi-based, free, developed by the software community, the setup of the computer users, who are trying to ease in configuration and operation, aimed at meeting their basic desktop requirements, end-user focused on a GNU/Linux distribution.

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